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Seeking to set your intuition free? Excited about strengthening your Shamanic skills? Wanting to connect more deeply to the natural world of Spirit, Totem, & Power Animals?

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The Ark Tarot & Oracle Card Deck

The Ark Tarot & Oracle Deck is 100 card, multi-use tarot and oracle card deck. It comes with a full color, 382 page guidebook.

Both the book and deck are larger than the average-sized deck, printed on extremely high quality paper, and wrapped in a stunning, solid box with magnetic closure. 

BONUS! Inside the book is a URL (web address) for 6 free classes you can take anytime you wish. And you can refer back to them throughout your journey as a reader. 

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The Ark Tarot & Oracle Deck is truly a unique, powerful deck that every soul walking a metaphysical path can greatly benefit from having in their spiritual toolkit.

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